1: Improve flexibility with these top 10 yoga poses. Enhance range of motion and reduce stiffness in muscles and joints.

2: 1. Downward Facing Dog: Stretch and lengthen the spine while strengthening arms and legs.

3: 2. Child's Pose: Relax the back and shoulders while gently stretching the hips and thighs.

4: 3. Forward Fold: Release tension in the hamstrings and lower back for increased flexibility.

5: 4. Pigeon Pose: Open up the hips and groins for greater range of motion.

6: 5. Cobra Pose: Strengthen the spine and open the chest and shoulders for improved flexibility.

7: 6. Warrior II: Build strength and flexibility in the legs and hips.

8: 7. Triangle Pose: Stretch the hamstrings and torso while improving balance and flexibility.

9: 8. Bridge Pose: Open the chest and shoulders while strengthening the back and hips for increased flexibility.