1: 1. TRX Plank: Engage core for stability. 2. TRX Squat: Strengthen legs and glutes. 3. TRX Row: Improve upper body strength.

2: 4. TRX Pike: Target abs and shoulders. 5. TRX Hip Press: Activate glutes and hamstrings. 6. TRX Chest Press: Enhance chest muscles.

3: 7. TRX Y Deltoid Fly: Build shoulder stability. 8. TRX Tricep Extension: Tone arms and improve stability. 9. TRX Bicep Curl: Strengthen biceps for stability.

4: 10. TRX Lunge: Work on balance and lower body strength. 11. TRX Mountain Climber: Engage core and improve stability. 12. TRX Hamstring Curl: Target hamstrings and glutes.

5: 13. TRX Side Plank: Increase core stability. 14. TRX Reverse Lunge: Enhance balance and leg strength. 15. TRX Russian Twist: Work on obliques and stability.

6: 16. TRX Single Leg Squat: Improve balance and leg strength. 17. TRX Push-Up: Strengthen chest and arms. 18. TRX Plank with Hip Abduction: Engage core and glutes.

7: 19. TRX Pistol Squat: Challenge balance and leg strength. 20. TRX Burpee: Full body exercise for stability. 21. TRX Sprinter Start: Improve agility and stability.

8: 22. TRX Single Leg Deadlift: Enhance balance and leg strength. 23. TRX Atomic Push-Up: Engage core and upper body. 24. TRX Knee Tuck: Target abs and improve stability.

9: 25. TRX Star Jump: Increase heart rate and stability. 26. TRX Power Pull: Develop back and arm strength. 27. TRX Jump Squat: Work on explosive power and stability.