1: 1. Adjust sleep schedule before travel. 2. Stay hydrated during flight.

2: 3. Avoid alcohol and caffeine before bedtime. 4. Get natural light exposure on arrival.

3: 5. Take short naps to reduce fatigue. 6. Stay active to boost energy levels.

4: 7. Stick to local mealtimes and eat light. 8. Use relaxation techniques to unwind.

5: 9. Stay on schedule for bedtime and wake-up. 10. Consider melatonin supplements for sleep aid.

6: Jet lag can disrupt your travel plans. Combat fatigue with strategic strategies.

7: Arrive feeling refreshed and ready to explore. Don't let jet lag ruin your adventures!

8: Take control of your sleep schedule. Implement our top tips for managing jet lag.

9: Beat jet lag with our expert advice. Enjoy your travels with these helpful tips.