1: Intro to Step Aerobics Step aerobics is a fun way to improve cardiovascular health. Learn the top 10 moves to get your heart pumping!

2: Basic Step Master the basic step to start your aerobic workout. Step up and down with one foot leading the way.

3: V-Step Step out to the sides in a V-shape to tone your thighs and build endurance. Keep the movements fluid and controlled.

4: Lunge Step Engage your glutes and quads with lunges. Step forward, bend your knee, and push back to the starting position.

5: Grapevine Step Step to the side, cross behind, then step to the side again. This move is great for coordination and agility.

6: Charleston Step Kick your leg forward and step back to work your lower body. Add a hop for extra intensity.

7: Mambo Step Rock back and forth to the beat with the mambo step. Engage your core and work on balance.

8: Box Step Move in a square pattern with the box step. This move improves footwork and coordination.

9: Turn Step Add a twist to your aerobic routine with the turn step. Keep your core engaged and your body balanced.