1: 1. Introduction to top 10 sleep disorders in children. 2. Understanding the importance of children's sleep health.

2: 3. Insomnia in children: Causes and symptoms. 4. How to help children struggling with insomnia.

3: 5. Restless legs syndrome in children: What you need to know. 6. Tips for managing restless legs syndrome in children.

4: 7. Sleep apnea in children: Recognizing signs and seeking treatment. 8. Importance of addressing sleep apnea in children for overall well-being.

5: 9. Narcolepsy in children: Symptoms and treatment options. 10. Supporting children with narcolepsy for better quality of life.

6: 11. Behavioral sleep disorders in children: Understanding underlying causes. 12. Strategies to improve sleep behavior in children.

7: 13. Parasomnias in children: Types and management. 14. Creating a safe sleep environment for children with parasomnias.

8: 15. Sleepwalking and sleep terrors in children: How parents can help. 16. Dealing with sleepwalking and sleep terrors in children effectively.

9: 17. Tips for promoting healthy sleep habits in children. 18. Conclusion: Importance of addressing sleep disorders in children for their overall health and well-being.