1: Welcome to our guide on the top 10 pet-friendly indoor plants! Stay tuned for expert tips on greenery that's safe for your furry friends.

2: 1. Spider Plant - Easy to care for and non-toxic to pets, this plant brightens up any room.

3: 2. Areca Palm - This elegant plant is safe for pets and adds a tropical touch to your home.

4: 3. Boston Fern - Known for its air-purifying properties, this fern is safe for curious pets.

5: 4. African Violet - These colorful flowers are safe for pets and bloom year-round.

6: 5. Parlor Palm - Low-maintenance and non-toxic, this plant thrives in low light conditions.

7: 6. Friendship Plant - Safe for pets and easy to propagate, this plant is a great addition to your home.

8: 7. Haworthia - This small succulent is safe for pets and adds a modern touch to any space.

9: 8. Polka Dot Plant - Safe for pets and available in a variety of colors, this plant is a fun addition to your indoor garden.