1: 1. Myth: Older adults need less sleep. Fact: Adults still need 7-9 hours of sleep for optimal health.

2: 2. Myth: Naps are only for the elderly. Fact: Power naps can benefit all ages for improved focus.

3: 3. Myth: Insomnia is a normal part of aging. Fact: Insomnia should be addressed at any age for quality sleep.

4: 4. Myth: Sleep disorders only affect the young. Fact: Sleep disorders can impact all age groups.

5: 5. Myth: Aging means waking up throughout the night. Fact: Aging doesn't have to equal disrupted sleep patterns.

6: 6. Myth: Sleep becomes less important with age. Fact: Quality sleep is vital for overall health, no matter the age.

7: 7. Myth: Older adults can't regulate their sleep schedule. Fact: Consistent sleep routines are key for healthy aging.

8: 8. Myth: Less sleep is needed as you age. Fact: Adequate sleep remains essential for cognitive function.

9: 9. Myth: Aging means accepting poor sleep quality. Fact: Healthy sleep habits can improve sleep at any age.