1: Discover the Top 10 Low-Light Indoor Plants for a Healthy Home Environment.

2: Snake Plant is a popular choice for its easy care and air-purifying qualities.

3: Peace Lily is known for its beautiful white flowers and ability to thrive in low light.

4: ZZ Plant is a low-maintenance plant with glossy green leaves and air-purifying benefits.

5: Spider Plant is perfect for beginners with its low-light tolerance and easy propagation.

6: Pothos is a versatile plant that can thrive in various lighting conditions, including low light.

7: Dracaena is a stylish plant with different varieties that can adapt to low-light environments.

8: Philodendron is a popular choice for its lush foliage and tolerance for low light conditions.

9: Chinese Evergreen is a hardy plant that can grow in low light and adds beauty to any space.