1: 1. Beyoncé - Iconic Libra artist known for her powerhouse vocals and empowering lyrics.

2: 2. Bruno Mars - Talented Libra artist with a smooth voice and infectious beats.

3: 3. Eminem - Libra rapper known for his raw lyrics and impeccable flow.

4: 4. Cardi B - Fearless Libra artist with chart-topping hits and a larger-than-life personality.

5: 5. Lil Wayne - Legendary Libra rapper known for his unique style and wordplay.

6: 6. Usher - Smooth Libra artist with timeless hits and impressive dance moves.

7: 7. Snoop Dogg - Cool Libra rapper with a laid-back flow and iconic West Coast style.

8: 8. Doja Cat - Rising Libra artist with a versatile sound and creative visuals.

9: 9. Halsey - Edgy Libra artist with powerful lyrics and a unique musical style.