1: 1. Squats: Build strength and muscle in your legs with this essential exercise.

2: 2. Lunges: Target all major leg muscles for a balanced workout.

3: 3. Deadlifts: Strengthen your hamstrings and lower back with this compound movement.

4: 4. Leg Press: Isolate and build your quadriceps with this machine exercise.

5: 5. Romanian Deadlifts: Focus on your hamstrings and glutes for a well-rounded lower body.

6: 6. Calf Raises: Define and sculpt your calf muscles with this simple exercise.

7: 7. Leg Extensions: Target your quadriceps with this isolation exercise.

8: 8. Step-ups: Improve balance and strength in your legs with this functional movement.

9: 9. Glute Bridges: Activate and tone your glutes for a strong lower body.