1: 1. Dreams occur during REM sleep 2. Everyone dreams, even animals 3. Dreams can be black and white

2: 4. Most dreams are forgotten quickly 5. Lucid dreaming is when you control your dream 6. Dreams can last from a few seconds to an hour

3: 7. Nightmares can be caused by stress 8. Blind people can still dream 9. Sigmund Freud studied dreams extensively

4: 10. Recurring dreams may signify unresolved issues 11. Dreams can be influenced by what you watch/read 12. Dreaming is crucial for mental well-being

5: 13. Dreaming helps with memory consolidation 14. Falling in a dream is a common experience 15. Dreams reflect our emotions and desires

6: 16. Dream interpretation is subjective 17. Dream symbols can vary in meaning 18. Therapy can help decode recurring dreams

7: 19. Flying dreams can represent freedom 20. Dreaming of teeth falling out can signify anxiety 21. Keeping a dream journal may aid in interpretation

8: 22. Dream telepathy is a disputed phenomenon 23. Déjà vu may be linked to dreaming 24. Dreaming can boost creativity and problem-solving

9: 25. Our dreams tend to be more negative than positive 26. Pregnant women often experience vivid dreams 27. Dreams may provide insights into our subconscious thoughts