1: "Suits Spinoff Pearson Finds a New Streaming Home" Pearson, the Suits spinoff, shifts to a new platform for streaming.

2: "Not on Netflix" Surprisingly, Pearson is not available on Netflix for streaming.

3: "Amazon Prime" Pearson finds a new home on Amazon Prime for streaming.

4: "New Platform" Fans can now watch Pearson on a new platform for streaming.

5: "Exciting News" Pearson's shift to a new streaming platform comes with exciting news.

6: "Different Experience" Viewers can expect a different streaming experience with Pearson's new home.

7: "Exclusive Content" Catch exclusive content of Pearson on its new streaming platform.

8: "Subscription Details" Learn about the subscription details to watch Pearson on the new platform.

9: "Stay Tuned" Stay tuned for more updates on Pearson's new streaming home.