1: "Stephanie McMahon introduces the new era with Triple H at WrestleMania XL Sunday"

2: "The power couple takes control as WWE fans witness a historic moment"

3: "Triple H's leadership paired with Stephanie's vision promises a thrilling future"

4: "WrestleMania XL becomes the stage for a new beginning in WWE history"

5: "Fans eagerly await the surprises brought by the McMahon-Levesque era"

6: "Stephanie McMahon and Triple H prepare to revolutionize WWE's landscape"

7: "An unforgettable moment unfolds as the power couple takes center stage"

8: "WrestleMania XL marks the start of a new chapter in WWE's legacy"

9: "Stephanie McMahon's bold move ushers in the era of Triple H at WrestleMania"