1: Olympic gold medalist Simone Biles stands by her boyfriend Jonathan Owens amid criticism over his recent statement

2: Jonathan Owens remains unfazed as internet trolls attack him for supporting his partner Simone Biles openly

3: Simone Biles’ partner Jonathan Owens shows resilience against social media backlash over his words of encouragement

4: Jonathan Owens proves his unwavering support for girlfriend Simone Biles despite online criticism and negativity

5: Amidst online controversy, Jonathan Owens exhibits his strong bond with Simone Biles by defending her openly

6: Jonathan Owens remains steadfast in his relationship with Simone Biles despite facing online hate and backlash

7: Supportive partner Jonathan Owens continues to stand by Simone Biles in the face of social media backlash

8: Simone Biles’ boyfriend Jonathan Owens remains unbothered by critics as he defends their relationship publicly

9: Jonathan Owens’ unwavering love for Simone Biles shines through as he remains unaffected by online criticism