1: "Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes compete for the WWE Universal Championship in a thrilling match."

2: "The two superstars bring their A-game, showcasing their skills and determination."

3: "Roman Reigns dominates early on, but Cody Rhodes fights back with a series of high-flying moves."

4: "The momentum shifts back and forth as both competitors give it their all."

5: "In the final moments, Roman Reigns hits his finishing move to secure the win and retain the title."

6: "Fans are left on the edge of their seats, witnessing an epic battle for the championship."

7: "Cody Rhodes shows incredible heart and resilience, earning respect from the WWE Universe."

8: "Roman Reigns proves why he is the top dog in WWE, solidifying his legacy as a dominant champion."

9: "The clash between Roman Reigns and Cody Rhodes will be remembered as a classic in WWE history."