1: Shinichi, the main character of "Parasyte: The Maxim," is not shown in Netflix's adaptation "Parasyte: The Maxim The Grey."

2: The series focuses on a new character named Shinji, who faces a similar alien parasite invasion as Shinichi.

3: While Shinichi doesn't appear, fans of the original may still enjoy the thrilling and action-packed adaptation.

4: "Parasyte: The Maxim The Grey" offers a fresh take on the classic manga series, exploring new characters and storylines.

5: Viewers who loved the original "Parasyte: The Maxim" may find the Netflix adaptation to be a satisfying addition to the franchise.

6: Despite Shinichi's absence, "Parasyte: The Maxim The Grey" delivers exciting plot twists and intense alien battles.

7: Fans of the original manga will appreciate the reimagining of the "Parasyte" story in Netflix's adaptation.

8: "Parasyte: The Maxim The Grey" offers a darker and grittier take on the alien invasion narrative, captivating audiences with its suspenseful storyline.

9: Ultimately, while Shinichi may not appear in Netflix's adaptation, "Parasyte: The Maxim The Grey" still delivers a thrilling and engaging sci-fi experience for viewers.