1: Cody Rhodes steps up to challenge The Bloodline for the WWE Universal Title.

2: A grueling battle ensues as Cody Rhodes faces off against The Bloodline.

3: In a shocking turn of events, Cody Rhodes emerges victorious over The Bloodline.

4: The WWE Universe erupts as Cody Rhodes is crowned the new WWE Universal Champion.

5: Cody Rhodes celebrates his hard-fought victory over The Bloodline.

6: The defeat of The Bloodline cements Cody Rhodes as a force to be reckoned with in the WWE.

7: Fans around the world hail Cody Rhodes as the new face of the WWE Universal Title.

8: With his victory, Cody Rhodes proves that he is a true champion in the world of professional wrestling.

9: Cody Rhodes' triumph over The Bloodline will be remembered as a historic moment in WWE history.