1: Start your day right with these healthy breakfasts for stable blood sugar levels.

2: 1. Overnight oats: A fiber-rich option to keep you full and satisfied.

3: 2. Avocado toast: Packed with healthy fats for sustained energy.

4: 3. Greek yogurt with berries: Protein and antioxidants in one bowl.

5: 4. Chia seed pudding: Omega-3s and fiber support balanced blood sugar.

6: 5. Veggie omelette: Protein and veggies for a nutrient-dense breakfast.

7: 6. Whole grain toast with nut butter: Fiber and healthy fats for lasting energy.

8: 7. Smoothie bowl: Blend up fruits and veggies for a delicious start.

9: 8. Quinoa breakfast bowl: Protein-packed alternative to traditional grains.