1: Indulge in creamy goodness with these 9 milkshakes made from real ice cream.

2: McDonald's iconic Shamrock Shake is a seasonal favorite among fast food aficionados.

3: Sonic Drive-In offers a variety of milkshake flavors, including Oreo and Reese's.

4: Wendy's Frosty is a classic chocolate milkshake with a rich and creamy texture.

5: In-N-Out Burger's Neapolitan Shake combines chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors into one delicious treat.

6: Chick-fil-A's Frosted Lemonade is a refreshing blend of lemonade and vanilla ice cream.

7: Arby's Jamocha Shake is a perfect combination of coffee and chocolate flavors.

8: Five Guys' milkshakes are made to order with your choice of mix-ins like bacon and peanut butter.

9: Dairy Queen's Blizzard milkshakes are a tasty twist on the classic soft-serve treat.