1: 1. Look for the "1776-1976" dual date 2. Inspect the coin's condition closely

2: 3. Check for mint marks 4. Identify any errors or variations

3: 5. Research current market values 6. Consider selling to collectors or enthusiasts

4: 7. Understand the rarity of the bicentennial quarter 8. Store your coin properly to maintain its value

5: 9. Utilize online resources for pricing guidance 10. Join forums or communities for additional insights

6: 11. Keep an eye out for counterfeit coins 12. Consider getting your coin appraised by a professional

7: 13. Explore different selling platforms 14. Stay informed about numismatic trends

8: 15. Share your coin on social media for potential buyers 16. Participate in coin auctions or trade shows

9: 17. Stay patient and persistent in your pursuit of top earnings 18. Enjoy the thrill of discovering hidden treasures in your coin collection.