1: Discover the rare and valuable 1943 Bronze penny. Only a few known to exist, worth up to $100,000.

2: The 1955 Doubled Die penny is a must-have for collectors. Valued at $1,500 and up.

3: Look out for the 1970-S Small Date penny. Rare and worth around $400.

4: The elusive 2004 Wisconsin State Quarter with an extra leaf is a unique find, worth up to $300.

5: Collectors seek the 1969-S Doubled Die penny, worth up to $180.

6: Don't overlook the 1982-D Small Date penny. Rare and valued at around $70.

7: The 1995 Double Die penny is a standout among collectors, worth up to $50.

8: Check your collection for the 1958 Doubled Die penny. Valued at $40 and up.

9: One of the most coveted varieties is the 1960-D Large Date penny, worth up to $25. Start hunting today!