1: Indulge in deliciously boozy ice cream drinks that will tantalize your taste buds.

2: From classic White Russian to decadent Mudslide, these cocktails are perfect for dessert.

3: Sip on a rich Baileys Irish Cream milkshake for a creamy and dreamy treat.

4: Enjoy a refreshing Margarita Sorbet Float for a citrusy twist on a classic cocktail.

5: Dive into a decadent Chocolate Martini Milkshake for a sweet and boozy indulgence.

6: Treat yourself to a spiked Banana Split Milkshake for a playful and delicious drink.

7: Elevate your summer with a creamy and smooth RumChata Horchata Milkshake.

8: Get a taste of the tropics with a creamy Piña Colada Float for a refreshing treat.

9: End your day with a sophisticated Espresso Martini Affogato for a caffeinated twist.